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Gehring Technologies GmbH

Gehring Technologies GmbH
Ostfildern/ Stuttgart
2015 - 2018
Expansion of an existing production hall with two-storey administrative cultivation
Gehring Technologies GmbH
Construction Material
Reinforced concrete, masonry, steel sandwich elements
Special Features
Due to the expansion of the production hall, the existing fire section and the existing fire loads are significantly increased, so that several fire protection measures had to be carried out, e.g. Creating a fire wall between 2 existing halls, upgrading staircases, creating a fire-brigade bypass
Creation of the fire protection concept of the cultivation and the adjoining existing production buildings according to industrial construction guidelines, calculation of the smoke flues according to DIN 18323 as well as support of the execution planning and the construction in accordance with the fire protection concept, creation of the fire brigade plans and the escape and rescue route plans
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