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Au bridge Stuttgart

Au bridge Stuttgart
2015 - 2018
Upgrading the catenaries, catenary masts and their connections to the bridge for rail traffic on the Aubrücke in Stuttgart
Stuttgarter Strassenbahn AG and Tiefbauamt Stuttgart
Construction Material
Steel and reinforced concrete
Special Features
A further railway line is to be led over the Aubrücke - in this course the damaged foot points of the catenary masts must be redeveloped (naturally in the running railway enterprise) - since likewise the axle loads of the courses and the frequency are increased, the bridge on their load capacity was examined.
Creation of a rehabilitation concept for the catenary masts and their bases, development, static calculation and construction of temporary masts for the continuous railway operation, assessment and static analysis of the Aubrücke (tramway side) for the increased loads from railway operations and the temporary loads from the mast foundations during assembly, construction the final catenary masts and monitoring the execution.
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