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Structural design

The stability and usability of modern buildings and constructions are taken for granted. Apart from the stresses of its daily use they withstand storms and snow loads. Even in the event of natural disasters, they may indeed be damaged, but should be stable enough to shelter humans and animals. Architectural visions and demands of modern society force the physics to reach their limits. Higher, further, lighter. It requires the keen understanding of our engineers to realise architectural visions and to optimise them within the physical boundaries. We are using all available materials, depending on the task.

We are designing the structure of your architectural vision, your building, your design and your transport facilities and provide for its stability following services:

Structural engineering according to German HOAI 2013 §49

  • buildings of all types, including residential, commercial and administrative buildings,
  • industrial buildings, public buildings and sports facilities
  • engineering structures, power plants, plants and special constructions of transportation facilities
  • exhibition stands
  • glass constructions and lightweight construction, substructures of photovoltaics

Static and dynamic calculations

  • special constructions
  • chimneys
  • catenary systems, cable structures
  • rails in lawn, solid roads

Structural analysis using FEM

  • mechanical engineering
  • lightweight construction
  • plant engineering