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Fire prevention

„It corresponds to the experience of life that a fire has to be expected at any time. The fact that there is no fire break out in many buildings for decades does not prove that there is no risk, but this is lucky for the parties involved. The end of this must be expected at any time.“
Oberlandesgericht Münster 10A363/86 from 11th December, 1987

Users of buildings have the right that their lives and physical integrity are protected in case of fire on high level on safety.
We help you with optimal planning of preventive fire protection to protect the users of your building in case of fire and to meet the variety of complex legal regulations from an economic point of view.

We offer the following services concerning preventive fire protection of your new building, your new industrial plant or transport facility, and the strenghtening of fire protection in existing buildings:

Fire protection concept

  • consulting and feasibility studies
  • creation of fire protection concepts
  • detailed design (supporting the architectural work in the implementation of the fire protection concept)
  • creation of tender/participation in the assignment (consultants of the object and expert planners concerning the preparation of bills of quantities)
  • construction consultancy/supervision of construction regarding the conformity with the fire protection planning and licences/standards of the specific elements

Fire protection documents

  • creation of evacuation and escape route planning
  • creation of ground plans for fire brigade use and fire safety regulations

Component analysis

  • analysis and evaluation of the fire resistance of components
  • fire protection certificates with requirements concerning the use of materials
  • static verification regarding the impact of heat on components

Survey and evaluation

  • evaluation of preventive fire protection of existing buildings
  • evaluation of fire resistance of existing buildings and components
  • evaluation of stability of buildings after events of fire